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      I have been practicing Traditional Reiki for over 37 years and Telepathy (aka Animal Communications) for 45 years. I attended my first INCREASE (Inner Creative Sensitivity) seminar in 1968.  It opened my awareness and helped me utilize more of my individual power housed inside my body.  For the next 14 years I continued to… [Continue Reading]

  • Traditional Reiki

    What is Traditional Reiki? Traditional Reiki is translated from Japanese to mean “Universal Life Force.” A Traditional Reiki healer channels this energy and is the conduit for the energy to flow through the body and out through the hands.  It is a tradition that has been passed down from Traditional Master teacher to student.  … [Continue Reading]

    Traditional Reiki
  • Creative Energies Explained

    “Inner Energy” has been changed to Creative Energies (Spirit’s renamed it)  WHAT IS CREATIVE ENERGIES? It is an experience It goes beyond words It defies words It touches the core of our innermost being And in that visit to inner space, you find reality It is called, “LOVE”   It is a merging and fusing of… [Continue Reading]

    Creative Energies Explained
  • Creative Energies

    Would you like to rid yourself of negative thinking and old programming?  If you’d like to feel more centered and balanced, Diana Lynn can help you…..help yourself!  For many years, she has been teaching people ways to achieve personal empowerment. Diana Lynn can help farmers to get better crop yields; help ranchers to get better… [Continue Reading]

    Creative Energies
  • Animal Communication

      All of us are born with this innate skill of communicating with all life forms, be it plant or animal.  Luckily for me my parents agreed that I had inherited this “gift” from my grandmother on my Dad’s side. And I was allowed to practice it at home and discouraged from sharing it outside… [Continue Reading]

    Animal Communication

Snap, Crackle & Pop

  Snap, Crackle & Pop  ~Sounds I heard on 11/12/15 on the banks of Lowman Road, Idaho I needed a break from unpacking, so I decided to drive over to HWY 21 to see the migration of Elk … [Read More...]

Good to be HOME

  Good to be HOME   Between Sweet & Ola ID, I stopped to see where I buried my beautiful Aussie in 2012, 15 yrs. The cattle were grazing, they were Black Angus, a good herd of … [Read More...]


~NATURE ALWAYS FINDS her WAY, BACK IN IDAHO ~ Part II This photo was taken on HWY 55 going North just below Smith’s Ferry. I had stopped to get some photos of the river when I saw this ‘miracle’ … [Read More...]


  ~ A GOOD MEMORY, BACK IN IDAHO ~ Part I This photo taken was of a big pasture that belongs to one of the bigger Ranches in Valley County, Idaho; it is where the City girl, Me, in 1981 found … [Read More...]

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Dog Medicine: What Dogs Can Teach Us

Dog Medicine: What Dogs Can Teach Us Dogs have one of the best totems or spirit guides because they are well attuned to the nature of humans and understand the best ways to guide them. Throughout … [Read More...]

What is Your Pet Thinking?

  Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking or if they are happy? Wondered what it would be like to chat with a gorilla? As an Animal Communicator, I have done these things. During the … [Read More...]

Animal Communication; Pathways to Understanding

  Have you ever wondered what your animal is thinking? I think most people, pet owners or not, have wondered at one time or another what is going on in the minds and hearts of our animal … [Read More...]

What Is Reiki?

What Is Reiki? Reiki is Japanese laying on the hands healing, otherwise known as God Power or Universal Life Force.  Reiki is like a broadcast from a radio transmitter: unseen and unheard until a … [Read More...]


   Kathy just graduated from Traditional Reiki I on March 30, 2014 and these are her words: “I do want to share with you my wonderful Reiki experience.  We have had a landslide (literally) in the … [Read More...]

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