A Conversation with a Wild Mink


“The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”~Black Elk – Oglala Sioux


A Conversation with a Wild Mink

   by Diana Lynn

 Mink 17A

After Christmas (07), Nakota (my Australian Shepherd) and I were headed back to the truck when I caught sight of a wild Mink that was tugging at something on top of the ice.  Then Nakota saw it and walked quietly over toward it and the Mink walked closer yet to Nakota and I told Nakota, “no” in my head and he just stood there quietly.  At that same moment that I told Nakota “no,” the Mink realized that I had spoken to Nakota silently. The Mink then turned toward me and asked, “How did I do that?”  “I talked to Nakota in my head”  I responded.  When I asked him what he was tugging at in the frozen ice, the Mink ignored me. I told him “that he didn’t have a chance of pulling this thing out because he wasn’t strong enough” and the little Mink turned and stared at me.  I then gave him some Reiki and he softened immediately, was relaxed and didn’t seem to have a care in the world.  As I got closer to him, Nakota was still just watching, the Mink walked closer to the edge of the ice and I suggested to the Mink that he was pushing his luck; he stopped and stared at me and then I guess he decided it was time to leave and he was gone.


I didn’t see the Mink again until March 24th as he was walking across the road from the wetlands to the ditch of water. He stopped and looked at Nakota who was going to chase him until I yelled “NO.”  The Mink lingered a little bit longer enticing Nakota before disappearing into the ditch.


As I walked up to the spot where he entered the water he was not communicating with me.  I gave him some Reiki energies and wished him well and walked away.  Further into our walk the Mink contacted me and I asked him if he would share his day with me, he was silent and then said, “YES.”  I asked him a question that came to mind “Would a river otter kill you?”


The Mink said “No.  First off, I have watched you over the past several months making sure you did not see me.  I find you interesting and different from most upright animals [people].  I have to be careful not to trust you too much.  Upright animals can be mean and hurtful to us smaller animals.  And that dog of yours wants to kill me, yet in his respect for you, he doesn’t and that is why I like to watch you when you come out, as the sky gets lighter. I am active most of the days; I usually sleep in the mid parts of the darkened sky [I believe he means the early morning hours 1 a.m. through 5 a.m.].  Upon waking up, I cautiously go out of my den to see if I am being targeted by another predator and then I head down to the water to clean myself up and to catch my morning meal; could be worms or some vegetation coming up in the water or a wonderful small fish. Then I go about my business during the light hours; I am currently working on attracting a mate because I believe this area is a good home especially with this upright animal about.   [He knows I will give him Reiki].  I love the water and the vegetation along the banks; it is good to play in and eat.  I am very good at stalking my prey out of the water; this takes a lot of concentration to be good!”


This was the end of the conversation with this wild Mink, he was too busy with his day to go further in talking; he didn’t like my questions at all which is typical when communicating with wildlife.


Today, March 25th, it was colder this morning as it had rained all night and as I was walking back I looked into the wetlands hoping to catch a glimpse of the Mink. I watched as a pair of Mallards appeared to be swimming away from something and that something was the Mink and a small River Otter swimming side by side.  When they saw me they immediately dived under the water and I started giving them Reiki and they surfaced and swam toward me till they got to the bank.  The Mink turned right and the River Otter went left; I watched the Otter till he swam into some tall vegetation and both of them said, “Bye.”  Then the Mink said, “See we never hurt one another as we are cousins, we play and have fun.”  What is interesting is that the Mink orchestrated getting the River Otter to come to show me that they do in fact get along as I had asked this question yesterday.  Wild animals are so cool!


I love to go out most mornings because of the opportunities that present themselves to me, such as the conversation with this Mink.  Inner Energy Workshop is  3-days that gives you the student the “tools” to be able to carry-on such a communication.  If you are interested in these possibilities, please read more on how to Communicate with animals and how to share Reiki with wildlife and your own pets.




Diana Lynn shared this story with one of her “teachers” last week of August 2010 and his comment is below the story!


Sat down to rest, got all comfortable and looked at the window by the woodstove, got up and saw it was a praying mantis with its wings half veiled and hurt. I put my left hand on the window where it was and gave Reiki and it took the energy, wished it well and sat down, got comfortable and the mantis invited me to “merge” with its body. I did and then began my first lesson: He taught me to still my body and to only recognize my breathing, nothing more. When thoughts started coming, he would say, no thoughts – they take you away from stillness. The mantis breathes through its skin and in a short time I had no awareness of my physical body, only my breathing which was shallower and still fulfilling. Then I asked where its eyes were and he told me the 2 bulges at the corners; his eyes are like the core of a sunflower, reading every vibe through tiny sensors; then I felt his sticky long yet curled tongue. I became aware of his injury when my right thumb was in pain; he told me he was accessing my healing energies because we had merged into oneness, in fact, the mantis gets all information from the air, all knowledge is in the air, as it is the carrier of all energies. He is now gone, my lesson was 90 minutes and I had no awareness of that time.  Very precious to have this experience~


Wow, Diana,

We call that being tapped in.  You are being taught by Mother.  Of course we have always said that you are a walking, Mutual of Omaha.  ha ha.

Thanks for sharing.  That is a great story.

Go in a good way. . .




You don’t know me, but I want to reassure you about Diana.

When my wife Marcy and I added a cat to our household, our tranquil existence changed. Unfortunately the new cat refused to tolerate our easy going cat, and you could say, “All hell broke loose.”

Anyway, we had to do something. Either get rid of the new cat or . . . .; so we hired Diana Lynn to do an Animal Communication. I must admit I was very skeptical but we were grasping for straws by then and figured we had nothing to lose.

What is the point of this? I want to assure you that Diana is the “real deal.” Since we met we have developed quite a relationship. I have attended one of her Traditional Reiki classes and her Inner Energy Seminar. I still struggle with it because I am not a “natural”; however, I know the value and understand what is happening. Everything is energy. Period. Reiki is working on the energy level; the ancients and Native Americans understood and practiced energy healing. Science has attempted to replace energy work with logic and rational thought at the expense of understanding the complete picture. Frankly we need both practices in my opinion.

Traditional Reiki is just one of several energy healing modalities, although it is widely recognized and is probably the most popular. This is not Voo Doo. Unfortunately there is always the “snake oil” salesman out there making claims and not producing results. Diana is not one of those. In fact, she is a traditionalist who has trained by the last of the Reiki Grand Masters. That is sort of like training under Freud and Carl Jung themselves!! ! She doesn’t fool around; I know I was in her class.

I could go on and on. I have a huge respect for Diana and her abilities. She really does care and your fears are probably like mine were. That’s okay, but please trust her abilities and her intentions. They are excellent and above reproach.

Remember everything is energy. Everything in the world and the universe is comprised of energy, including us and our pets.

By the way, we have two cats still, thanks to Diana’s help. If I have any advice, it would be to hear what you need to hear not what you want to hear. And that may be difficult; I know it was for us.

Wishing you the best,


January, 2007