AC Testimonials

You are an angel and I hope the animal people of Colorado embrace your talents.   

Hugs to you and all,

Alaina/ Bozeman, MT


Pat’s Story

I am not very good at writing so I will make this short.  I was having some very serious medical problems when Shorty (a kitten) came into my life.  He kept me going.  I was in the house and Shorty was outside playing with my other cat.  I looked out the window and Shorty was laying on the walkway with my other cat looking at him.  Then he moved and I knew something was very wrong. 
Both back legs were broken.  I surmised that he had fallen out of one of our trees.

I rushed him to the Vet and he confirmed my thoughts.  He kept Shorty overnight to do a closer check and found he had serious injuries to his bowel system.  When I got home I called Diana (she is my friend and neighbor) and told her what had happened.  Bless her heart, she did an Animal Communication and found out through Shorty that he had fallen off the shed roof onto the concrete.  I was skeptical but went out to check and sure enough there was a bloodspot where he landed.  He had jumped up on a freezer and then the roof.  Diana told me that she “saw” no trees but a roof making me a believer in her Animal Communications.

She “talked” to Shorty to help him through the night at the noisy Vet’s office stay and the Vet said, “He could fix him, but he would have a miserable life”.  Diana told me this before the Vet did and that it had come from Shorty.  I did as they both suggested and I had him put to sleep.

It has been almost a year now and I still shed a tear for my spirit, Shorty, but with Reiki (I learned from Diana) and Diana’s support and my husband, Ron, I have made it through.

BELIEVE, Pat / Montour, ID

(Below is the Communication Diana gave to Pat after Shorty was put to sleep…)


Shorty, talk to Pat:

Oh Mom, the reasons for us getting together was so that I could show you how great it was to live life every day to its fullest.  Everything I did was All the Way, never a little bit at a time.  I wanted you to realize how much fun it is to be a-l-i-v-e!  That is why I came to you, or MAYBE it was why YOU came to ME!   You used to get so much joy out of watching me do my antics, doing my style of everything and anything.  That is why we were together.

Now I must admit, I took grate advantage of you and I loved every minute of it.  YOU want to know why I bit you so much?  I wanted you to wake up and take your power back and get happy and to start motivating yourself to get well.

Well I must thank you now, for the love and wonderful times I had with you and Ron.  I had so much fun and I didn’t waste anytime at all on anything mundane.  I went for it even when I was sleeping.  In my sleep I could chase everything down with no problems and guess what? – I can do that now as well.

Diana showed me how to stay in the non-physical last night, so I didn’t have to endure that pain.  AND when you Reikiied me Mom, I could feel your energy as well and I had the best of the best in that very strange and noisy place last night.

Mom, find your way back to yourself, believe in yourself and allow you to heal yourself.  You got yourself out of the way to reach out and help me with the Reiki!  NOW I want you to believe in YOURSELF and Reiki everyday, so that you can be that person who I could see everyday behind the shadows.

I love you so much and I am so glad that you let me go, because NOW, I will be with you everyday inside your heart, Mom.  And when you start to connect with the Reiki, watch out, because I will pick another cat’s body that is healthy and I will be back in YOUR LIFE with a healthy vengeance!

Believe in yourself, that is WHAT I want you to get, more than anything else Mom.  Take baby steps and you will have the total health that you used to have.  Everything is possible, but you must believe.

All my love to you from your big beautiful boy,  ~Shorty



I had a strong connect with you and loved your work with Dart. Thank you, beyond words, if I never said it . . .though I am sure you knew. I want to tell you sometime, for lack of a better word, the story. The reading with him altered how I dealt and felt, no rhyme intended. It made me so aware of the process of releasing him, it was an amazing experience for sure on many levels. You are a gem!       ~Cara


Animal Communications through Diana Lynn;

In the following article, Diana Lynn, founder of Flight to Freedom, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a healing environment for injured and homeless birds of prey[now closed], describes for us what she has learned through her gift of communicating with animals who are “transitioning.”  She believes that we all have this gift of communicating with our animal companions, and frequently holds workshops, as well as passing on her knowledge as a Traditional Reiki Master. 



(A dog shares with me how he made a conscious choice to give his life to protect his Mom.)

I knew that the Pit Bull was coming.  I could feel him along my spine, which is part of my alertness for possible trouble.  I also knew that he was coming for my Mom.  She is afraid of larger dogs.  It was not his intent to do anything bad.  So I did the only thing that I could do to keep her safe.  I changed my “alert alarm” to one of fear/prey alarm, and by doing this, the Pit Bull’s focus changed from her to me.  I would do this for Mom many times to save her life.  Once the Pit Bull bit me at the back of my neck, I instantly disconnected from my physical body and I was immediately surrounded in that beautiful energy, unconditional LOVE.  I felt no pain and I was okay.  If I had let the Pit Bull attack Mom, there would have been nothing that I could have done to prevent or stop the attack. 

           Mom needs to know that I have not died, for there is no death.  I have just gone to another “level”. I am now freer to always be with her.  When she is ready, I will once again be with her, in another body of her choosing.

THE OTHER SIDE:  Life on the other side is just wonderful. When this cat was put down, he yelled with joy!  He said, that when the needle was inserted, he left his body and was already into the next dimension of life.

Life over here is like walking through weightless clouds and there are endless things to walk around or knock down if I want. Death, Mom, is the most beautiful space in the whole wide world.  L-O-V-E abounds in our energy that is pure and real and everything.  Please know that every time you put an animal down, you have given that animal the most beautiful present – freedom from pain and that physical body. Please know that I am with you almost all the time.  Sometimes I leave you to float around and watch others.  THERE is no DEATH – it does not exist. 

           In time you will come to know the things that I know and you will find more reasons to be joyful when a cat needs to pass over to this side.  All animals, especially us cats, come to this physical world to comfort 2-leggeds.  We are the guardians of people, and through our manifestations we give you love freely.