What is Reiki and what can it do for me?

    What is Reiki and what can it do for me? All living things have energy just the same as the earth, trees and plants. Reiki energy … [Read more...]

Bear At My Window

Bear At My Window   Sat. 15 of Nov! Before retiring to bed a bear came to talk to me in my head, the Spiritual way of all animals is to talk … [Read more...]

Hotel Colorado II ~ Among Spirits Young & Old

  Hotel Colorado Part II ~ Among Spirits Young & Old Part 1 October 1, 2014 I told her how to thank the Spirits for this precious … [Read more...]


   Kathy just graduated from Traditional Reiki I on March 30, 2014 and these are her words: “I do want to share with you my wonderful Reiki … [Read more...]

Experience Traditional Reiki

Why learn or experience Traditional Reiki? Diana Lynn of Pathways to Understanding, explains "why" from her journey. … [Read more...]

What Is Reiki?

What Is Reiki? Reiki is Japanese laying on the hands healing, otherwise known as God Power or Universal Life Force.  Reiki is like a broadcast from … [Read more...]