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Diana Lynn Siderides
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I understand that Diana Lynn Siderides is NOT a “M.D.”, a “D.O.”, “DVM” or a “N.M.D.”.  Therefore the education & products provided by her are not a substitute for Proper Medical Care.  I understand that Diana Lynn Siderides does not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or physical condition.

I understand that the purpose of the Pathways to Understanding that Diana Lynn Siderides provides is to reduce stress, enhance health & well-being & to balance the body’s energy systems. The techniques used &/or taught by Diana Lynn Siderides are intended only to evaluate the body’s energy system & to correct imbalances within said energy system.  The information & ideas are intended for the purpose of education & research only.

I understand that Diana Lynn Siderides makes no claims or promises about the effectiveness of any therapy or product that she suggests, nor will I hold Diana Lynn Siderides responsible for any results of her suggestions, & her treatments that I choose to purchase.

I understand that Diana Lynn Siderides uses Traditional Reiki and Creative Energies techniques as her tools.

Diana Lynn Siderides, Pathways to Understanding, Creative Energies, Training & Methods used are listed on the back of this form.

I understand that it is suggested that prior to beginning any type of Natural Health & Self-Help practice, that I discuss this with a Licensed Health Care Provider & that I am warned to take all appropriate safety precautions.

**Do not stop seeing your Licensed Health Care Provider.  **Do not stop any prescribed medications, without first consulting your Licensed Health Care Provider

I, Name ______________________________________ Address _________________________________________________City ________________________  State ______  ZIP ______________  Phone ____________________________     Hereby acknowledge that that Diana Lynn Siderides of Pathways to Understanding; Creative Energies has provided me with a copy of this information.  I recognize that Diana Lynn Siderides is not licensed to practice medicine, surgery or naturopathic medicine.

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*Missed Appointments:  Missed appointments will be charged the full consultation fee and must be paid before any future appointments will be considered.