Hua Hua’s Message

Communication for Tia, a young woman from China from her brave little dog, Hua Hua

(Hua Hua’s message from the “Otherside”  via Diana Lynn for Tia, Hua Hua’s “Earth Mom”)


Great wall ChinaI loved Tia very much and I had met her many times before she bought me here in the USA.  I had seen and watched her many times in her native land.  But Tia was not ready to have her own dog over there.  Our paths were meant to cross and so they did when she came to see me, I made eye contact with her, although I am not sure if Tia was aware of this.  And so I came to be with her, I brought her the L-O-V-E that she so needed and she gave to me as much.


I loved our trips to China.  I loved seeing her China through her eyes, because I could not see much from my perspective.  (Hua Hua has a very beautiful sense of humor & being).  And the smells were so much different!


We were having so much fun on our walk that day.  I loved to watch and sometimes chase the little birds that fluttered on the ground and then would fly away from me so easily.  I loved to listen to her laugh, as she does not do much of that at home.


I knew that the Pit Bull was coming.  I could feel him along my spine, which is part of my alertness for possible trouble.  I also knew that he was coming for Tia.  She is afraid of larger dogs and he was bored.  It was not his intent to do anything bad, he was just doing what he was bred for, fighting.  And Tia was hurt a long time ago by a larger dog; I do not know if she is aware of that, but it did happen and now she is always afraid and all dogs know “fear” well.  So I did the only thing that I could do to keep her safe.  I changed my “alert alarm” to one of fear/prey alarm, and by doing this, the Pit Bull’s focus changed from her to me.  I would do this for Tia many times, to save her life.  Once the Pit Bull bit me at the back of my neck, I had instantly disconnected from my physical body and I was immediately surrounded in that beautiful energy, unconditional LOVE.  I felt no pain and I was okay.  If I had let the Pit Bull attack Tia, there would have been nothing that I could have done to prevent or stop the attack.  IT HAD TO BE DONE IN THIS WAY.


Tia needs to know that I have not died, for there is no death.  I have just gone to another “level”.  She will know what this means, another level.  And Tia needs to go often to her plant room.  Then once in there, she needs to meditate and once she is really relaxed through her breathing exercise, she will see me and or feel me at once.  I am now freer to always be with her, to guide her and to offer protection with quick feelings of danger that she will learn to understand as her own higher power.  When she is ready, I will once again be with her, in another body of her choosing.


Tia needs to take back her own power and to make choices that will make her happier.  She is in America now and with that comes the power to make choices that will empower her to be who she is.  That is why I came to her.  Being small I was able to share with her, that size has nothing to do with being strong and alert.  I could help her with her own insecurities.  We loved each other, like nothing before experienced.


Tell Tia, that I am always with her, forever!  All she needs to do is close her eyes, breathe deeply and she will know I am there for her.  I will lick her as I used to do in my body.


I love her and that does not change ever.  My love will be with her now and always.


Thank you, Diana, for giving my Mom, Tia, my communication to ease her pain.


Hua Hua