Connect With Your Intuitive Gifts



 Learn To Connect With Your Intuitive Gifts


Are you ready to achieve a heightened state of awareness and get in touch with your own inner guidance?


If you want to live YOUR limitless potential,

Inner Energy will show you the way.


This 3 day seminar will teach you to:

  • Access and strengthen your intuition and inner knowing
  • Provide healing for yourself and others
  • Tap into your innate psychic ability
  • Communicate at deeper levels with people and animals
  • Use the power of your mind to take greater control of your life


The Inner Energy seminar is a personal, hands-on experience that will help you connect with your inner self and the world around you.  You will learn to understand your natural gifts, listen to and trust your “gut feelings,” and live your life in accordance with universal laws.

The tools you learn will be easily incorporated into your everyday life and benefit your relationship with yourself, others, and animals.

You will learn how to increase your health and well-being by enhancing relaxation of your body, applying active and passive meditation techniques, and improving your memory.


Inner Energy will show you the power of your mind so you can begin to live your potential of abundance and well-being!


*Here are what graduates have to say:

Diana, your “inner energy” workshop was beyond my expectations and was instrumental in transforming my views and abilities.  Mostly Diana I feel like I was set free, a freedom analogous to the movie “Hidalgo” “ let yer buck!” I strongly encourage those that feel there is something more than the act on stage and are ready to go backstage to experience the essence of the play and meet the writer then you are their teacher.         Namaste

 – Chad    Bend, OR

“I had no idea what I was missing in my life until I took Diana’s Inner Energy Seminar. After Diana’s seminar, I learned how powerful our mind is and how our body has the ability to heal itself when the techniques you learn are applied. Most off all I learned that everything in life is connected through our intuition and psychic abilities. We never need to look outside of ourselves for the answers. Every answer we need is inside us. Diana’s seminar gives you the tools and techniques to find those answers.”

  -Jeri   Weatherford, TX


“What I learned over the next 3 days literally changed the way I see myself and the world as it exists around me.  Looking back at the workshop it would be safe to say that it is a mystical communications course.  It takes the concept and experience of intuition to a whole new level.  Inner Energy was such a rich and eye opening experience I would recommend it for everyone, especially people with small children and animal lovers.  I have neither pets nor kids and my life has still been greatly enriched by the experience.”

         -Luke             Boise, ID


“After receiving my First Degree Reiki from Diana Lynn in February, 1997, I felt the need to get in touch and in tune with myself.  She also offered a class called Inner Energy that did just that.  In April, 1997, along with three others we took a 3 day seminar on dealing with ourselves.  At times you cried, at times you laughed, at times you found peace, inner strength long forgotten and then you actually remember who you were before stress, pressure, relationships and society got a hold of you.  As a woman with a family, business, physical disabilities and obligations, I was losing myself and needed to find the strength that I knew was there, just hidden.  In the Inner Energy class I found that strength and courage to face daily living.  I recommend it to anyone that wants to experience what the Universe has to share with you, your inner self.”

-Rose            Melba, ID