Creative Energies Explained


“Inner Energy” has been changed to Creative Energies (Spirit’s renamed it) 



It is an experience

It goes beyond words

It defies words

It touches the core of our innermost being

And in that visit to inner space, you find reality

It is called, “LOVE”


It is a merging and fusing of your essence into the inner core of the group.  And then, in the love in each person’s eyes, you see your own true being reflected.

It is a meeting of kindred minds; it is a communion and sharing.  It is rapport with life itself, for in opening to others we awaken to all that is most meaningful within us.

It is a tender visit to the temple of your own heart and the discovery of the riches there, the humanity within you.




It is for all who think they have been missing something in life – something important!  It is for all who want to grow, to be, who want love and want to love.

It is especially for those who think they can’t love or don’t know how to live (or used to know but somehow lost the knack).

It is also for those who are just beginning to suspect how great they really are.  CREATIVE ENERGIES won’t make your life easier but it will show that there is JOY in coping with one’s personal journey through life’s unexpected changes.



The CREATIVE ENERGIES WORKSHOP is taught several times each year.  Enjoy 3 days of personal growth and awareness through L-O-V-E ~


“What the world needs now is love .  .  .”  Burt Bacharach