Creative Energies Workshop

Creative Energies Workshop 

How the Creative Energies Workshop Benefits You

By participating in this seminar you will uncover many unknowns in life.  Did you know that everything in life (yes, everything including solid matter!) is made out of energy.  So don’t you think that learning how this energy impacts your surroundings, let alone your life, is important to know?  In fact how else can you truly control anything in your life if you don’t understand what guides it?

Your perception of your surroundings is what you believe to be true.  It is your reality; but is it true?  If you think so, then why do so many people have such different perspectives on the same issues and see life’s experiences so differently?  Creative Energies will help you connect and strengthen your intuition, that part of you that always knows truth.

Have you:

1)    Experienced déjà-vu and wondered what that is exactly?

2)    Had “gut feelings” about situations but were afraid to act on them or know how to interpret those feelings?

3)    Just known that someone was not telling you the truth yet ignored it anyway?

4)    Known there are Universal Laws that are always true, and lived your life in accordance with them?

5)    Known how vibration and communication are connected?

6)    Known or forgotten the natural gifts you were born with?


When you attend the Creative Energies Workshop, you will learn to comprehend experiences in your life that you may not understand.  You will also learn how to connect with that part of you that knows best, your “knowing,”  You will learn how to live in abundance, how to live in well being and how to fully realize your potential.

Communication is not just verbal or transmitted by body language, it is also about energy. If you would like to understand your pet and other animals better (maybe even your loved ones!?), then taking this workshop is exactly what you have been looking for.  Animal communications is an integral part of the Creative Energies Workshop!

Achieve a new state of awareness, so that we may grow and realize our unlimited potential. Learn to trust your intuition, gain better memory, use your innate psychic ability, increase relaxation of the whole body, and learn active and passive meditation.  You will increase your being and who you are. Reconnects your consciousness so that you may talk to people, animals and plants on the subjective levels; also you will learn how to heal your own body, friends, family and animals, from the power that is already housed inside your mind.

I invite you to experience three fun filled days of Creative Energies with other like-minded individuals.  Celebrate and delight in the new You that will emerge on the final day.




      * $2,500 for 3 long days:  8:00 a.m. till 7 p.m.  lunch not provided

Pre-Payment Method:  Cash, Credit Card, or PayPal

* Prices may be subject to change without notice.

 * (non-refundable but may be transferred to [1] future Workshop)

To register call Diana Lynn at Pathways to Understanding (208) 584-9034 or




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