Desires Answered


Drive up Sweet/Ola Hwy


Saturday – 1/30/16 I took a drive up Sweet/Ola Hwy; snow on the east side & I saw a large herd of Mule Deer and then I asked if I could see any Wild Turkeys; well the only place to turn around came up with a small wooden corral for loading and as I was coming to a stop on the side of the road I caught movement less than 4 feet in front of me, one large Tom Turkey, he didn’t even flinch as the Tundra came to a stop. I slowly opened the door to step out, he, the tom turkey, then decided for a whole 10 seconds, not to run or fly away, he just looked at me and called some of his girls. WELL, this is another best ‘welcome back’ to IDAHO, where everything inside of me says, “Yes, I AM back”~


There were approximately 20 wild turkeys with several big males, still inside the small corral. They let me get within 14 feet of them and then the sun disappeared and so the photos are darker than I would have liked.


Wild Turkeys in corral 1 Gobbling Turkeys 2

I was so HAPPY to see my cousins again after such a very long time! When Sharik, my German Shepherd and Nakota, my Aussie were still alive, we would walk up here several days a week and generally once a week we were walking with the turkeys; the turkeys would make a big circle with me and the dogs in the center, it was hilarious since these turkeys didn’t know they should have been wary. Sharik didn’t like them at all, whereas Nakota enjoyed them.


Then it was time to head back as the temperatures were falling and big dark clouds were moving in. I pulled over about 15 minutes later to take some photos of the clouds and parked for 30 minutes with my window all the way open: “NOT A SOUND”, ( this is always something for me to marvel about, no sound) all the “spirits” take this time to talk to me; it brings me such inner peace!


Cloud layers_energies abound
 The Ancestors were playing on the clouds like they did in Alberta, Canada, when I was on the road in 2014; I saw giant paws reaching over the cloud banks; after awhile Spirit said, take this photo and when I looked up I was blinded by the sun in a hole between the clouds; they were persistent that the photo could be taken and wow, the tentacles and the wispy fragments of the clouds were dazzling to spy through the binoculars, absolutely beautiful. Idaho Mountains & their foothills own my Heart in every way.

Clouds Ola Hwy

Second of blue patch NE Sweet - 2

Photo below – if you took out the power-lines – is beautiful and unfortunately a dark foreground. The dark area is “where I walked with my dogs” – here we encountered curious Cougars often, I loved it, the dogs didn’t! Interesting to note, not once did these cougars offer to hunt my dogs – I always have a spiritual agreement with the predators when I walk my dogs in their territory, since I don’t really know who we will see any given day. And I continue to do this when it is just me out for a walk!

Clouds Ola Hwy


Diana Siderides; all that I have written is possible for anyone to do – with the Workshops that I teach.