Encounters of Another Kind





Montana Grizzly Encounter is located just east of Bozeman, MT.  Diana Lynn volunteered there for a few short months, during that time she worked in the Gift Shop and also talked to the crowds of people that came to see “Brutus” (the Nat Geo Grizzly) and their other bears as well.

It didn’t take long to figure out the “regulars” that came to see the bears with their great cameras with long lenses and it didn’t take long for these watchers to realize that when the “creative energies” was there, the bears were more animated and fun to watch.

One time Diana Lynn walked away to give a sampling of Reiki to a woman who was in a lot of pain; and she felt much better afterwards and they walked back to the bears. She was told by several people that when she walked away, the bears became quiet, almost bored and stayed away. Yet as soon as she came returned, they went back to running and playing and Brutus would always come up to the front to watch her. For some of the people Diana shared some of the reasons for their changed behavior were that she always “talked” to them using Animal Communications and she always gave them Reiki.  These beautiful bears truly enjoyed receiving both and exchanging “energies” with them was rewarding for Diana Lynn.

When Diana Lynn still lived in Idaho, she was out in the foothills with her Aussie, Nakota when she saw a



big male Grizzly grazing about a mile away. She had been told there were no wild grizzlies in Idaho and yet she was watching one with her binoculars. She decided to “talk” with him and he immediately stood up on his hind legs, saw her and charged. She had startled this Grizzly because of talking to him inside his head! Nakota ran for his life and Diana Lynn spread her arms out at her side and told him over and over again, that she meant him no harm.

She walked backwards to the Tundra with Nakota underneath it; and the Grizzly stayed approximately 9 feet from her till she got to the Tundra. Then he walked off and now she is careful when she communicates with the bears out in the wilderness.

Interesting to note here; that none of the other wildlife that Diana Lynn talks to when out and about… shares this behavior towards her. They – wolves, mountain lions, coyotes, & others just accept the mind talk because they realize that she is sending them the Reiki~!


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