ENERGY is everywhere ~ it surrounds all things.



ENERGY is everywhere ~ it surrounds all things.

At Creative Energies, Diana Lynn can adjust and balance the energy to allow it to work efficiently & more effectively. Diana Lynn can help farmers get better crop yields, help ranchers get better percentages of births in their herds; reduce heating & air-conditioning bills; get better gas mileage, sometimes fixing old farm equipment & giving it new life! When Diana Lynn does her work, it becomes a win/win for all involved!


As an Animal Communicator and Medical Intuitive, Diana Lynn can read & interpret energy to help you understand.


Client Testimonies:


“You are an amazing teacher with much wisdom to share! I love your work Diana Lynn; your ability with animals is such as gift to mankind! Many Blessings!” – Traci


“You are an angel and I hope the animal people of Idaho embrace your talents. Hugs to you and all.” -Alaina


“Yes you are an excellent Reiki Master! I remember a practice out of our house after taking the course. Energy, powerful energy; was streaming out the front door! God is good.”   – Julie


”I’m not sure how to express how profoundly “good” I’ve felt since the Traditional Reiki session you did on my dog. The aches & pains in my neck & shoulders have been greatly reduced. But more than that . . . I feel at peace. I don’t react to things as quickly but step back & think before acting.” She is lucky to know you! We both are. You are a powerful healer.” -Martha   [this session was done over a distance, the air-waves].


“I had no idea what I was missing in my life until I took Diana Lynn’s Creative Energies Workshop. After Diana Lynn’s workshop, I learned how powerful our mind is & how our body has the ability to heal itself when the techniques you learn are applied. Most of all I learned that everything in life is connected through our intuition & psychic abilities. We never need to look outside of ourselves for the answers. Every answer we need is inside us. Diana Lynn’s workshop gives you the tools & techniques to find those answers.” -Jeri


“Usually before any kind of class or workshop I have an intention of what I would like to take from it. This one was different. A friend had told me about the instructor but I had never really met her, we were in Montour, a small bump in the road between Horseshoe Bend and Emmett, ID, & I had no idea what the workshop was about. It was named “Inner Energy” [now Creative Energies] and that, along with my friend’s confidence in the instructor, was enough to peak my interest enough to be sitting in the half circle.


We did some pretty fascinating things in our small group setting but the real power came when I was able to do this in my everyday life. Diana Lynn is a master of showing one how to come in alignment with another on an energetic level & thus being in resonance with them opening up the channels of communication. It was a good thing that I didn’t have any intentions or preconceived notions for the class before I started, because anything that I would have come up with would have been blown out of the water. Inner Energy was such a rich & eye opening experience I would recommend it for everyone, especially people with small children & animal lovers. My life has still been greatly enriched by the experience.” -Luke

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