A long time ago Galileo said:

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him to discover with himself.”





Q:  People often ask me how I come by the ability to communicate with animals.

A:  All of us are born with this innate skill of communicating with all life forms, be it plant or animal.  Luckily for me my parents agreed that I had inherited this “gift” from my grandmother on my Dad’s side. And I was allowed to practice it at home and discouraged from sharing it outside our house! By the time we reach 7 to 9 years of age, we forget how to do this because most of us do not get any nurturing from adults in our lives to experience our abilities from within, to reach out to the animal kingdom and everything else that surrounds us on a daily basis.  I honed my skills when I started taking Seminars in CA which my cousin, Nick, was teaching from 1970 through 1979.


Q:  People then ask how I actually talk with the animals.


A:   This is done more or less through pictures and vibrations and as I did more communications, I was able to put words to these ways and build up my vocabulary for what I was feeling. I am also able to “intuitive” the animals (and people) to see where there are imperfections allowing me to have a better feel for what the animal is going through with health issues. When I find imperfections in the bodies, I used a mind healing technique {taught in the Inner Energy Workshop.} I have helped local Veterinarians where I have lived – with this technique– NJ, NY, PA, CA, ID & MT.

I was able to develop my skills with communications when I rode my Appaloosa Horse from NY to CA after graduating from college in 1973; Five and one half months on the road, averaging 12 hours in the saddle each day!

I now communicate with animals and frequently do “Animal Communications” for pet parents who want to know what their cat, dog, fish, spiders, mice, goat, horse, llamas, you name it, are thinking. This becomes especially helpful when the animal behaves inappropriately, is old and/or in failing health. Animals usually ask me, “Why can’t their humans understand them, like I can?” And I explain to the animals that humans have forgotten how to listen with their mind’s eye!

For the past 37 years, I have been communicating with family spirits who have passed over. They come through to me when I ask for their guidance and even sometimes when I don’t ask (you all know how parents are).

In 1975 I found out about Reiki from my cousin in CA. Then I took off from work to take Mrs. Takata’s Traditional Reiki Class in NJ, hardly a believer but willing to try anything once. She took interest in me right off as well; she told me I was a natural healer and here came a very strong friendship of learning from her. She stayed with me to show me how to Reiki the Standardbred horses that I worked with and she shared much of her knowledge in and of Traditional Reiki.


I moved to ID in 1979 and created Flight to Freedom Rehabilitation Resource for Raptors, Inc. and found my passion. With Flight to Freedom I used Animal  Communication and Traditional Reiki on a daily basis to give the birds of prey an 87% success rate of release back into the wild. I self-published a book in 2000; “Flight to Freedom, How one woman defies the odds to assist injured and orphaned birds of prey.” You may purchase the book from me for $23.00 includes S&H. [USA only]

I teach Inner Energy, which is a 3-day Workshop for students starting at 12 years of age, on how to utilize their own ability to use Telepathic Communications (where Animal Communications come from) on a daily basis so that they can be balanced in all that they do.

Q: What is Traditional Reiki?


A: Traditional Reiki is translated from Japanese to mean “Universal Life Force.”  A Reiki  healer channels this energy and is the conduit for the energy to flow through the body and out through the hands.  It is a tradition that has been passed down from Master teacher to student.

I teach Traditional Reiki I, II, & III; each level is 2 full days and lots of ‘hands-on” work for the students. Other wonderful side effects of learning Reiki; reduce your heating and air conditioning bills, get better gas mileage and much more!