Hotel Colorado II ~ Among Spirits Young & Old


Hotel Colorado Part II

~ Among Spirits Young & Old


Part 1

October 1, 2014

I told her how to thank the Spirits for this precious gift from the other dimension and before I left her, I put my left hand down on the floor and was filled with so many emotions of love, joy and complete happiness~

The three of us walked down the Corridor to the grand staircase; my mind was full of images from the ghosts – I refer to as Spirits! I told Mack & Cathe I was going to walk all the way up and I didn’t know how long I would be, both told me to take my time.
The Spirits started talking immediately as I put both of my hands on the Bannister and gave Reiki to all the energies in the Hotel both past & present and I was over taken by appreciation for me, giving the Reiki so openly, which surprised me as this is normal behavior for me! The Spirits talked as “ONE” except for the children who were wildly happy with the energy exchange; they said, they couldn’t remember when a Physical (me), had shared energies with them, for the soul purpose of giving! I thought to myself, that anyone who does my kind of work – would do this instinctively.

As I reached the Fourth Floor, it was so crowded with Spirits that I decided to walk up to the Fifth floor and I walked both ways just enjoying all of the Spirits walking right through me or around me. They were talking with each other when I saw one set of stairs, hugging the wall that I started up and almost was knocked down as the Spirit dogs ran up ahead of me!

When I stood at the top of the stairs looking down to the floor – what I saw astonished me; a baby bear walked up the stairs as it had done many times in its short life, there were cats, a monkey and assorted animals like raccoons, opossums, cats!

There were 2 doors up there and a small cove by a window that looked out on the roof, here I couldn’t stand up straight as I am 6’2” tall. I found myself giving Reiki to the door opposite the stairs and it had a little girls’ name on it. Then I was guided to sit in the cove with my back against the West wall with my legs straight out, touching easily the East wall. Immediately the tears started flowing down my cheeks as they were mine and the Spirits. They then told me to breathe in through my tears, so that they could help me to release my past abuses as well as the horrors from this Hotel’s past! I was on an emotional roller coaster at this time and the kids were sitting in my lap, on my legs and one small child was hugging my neck and laughing at me with heart-felt joy, for me allowing her this special treat!


Stay tuned for Part III~

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