Suggested Reading



If you read this book when you were younger, then READ it again with your Assistants for the many beautiful benefits it will provide for your growth; Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, Illusions; The Bridge Across Forever


This Trilogy is another eye-opener to what can be had:  All are by James Redfield:

The Celestine Prophecy (now in DVD as well), The Tenth Insight, The Secret of Shambhala


Then these two by Marlo Morgan:  Mutant Message Down Under, Mutant Message From Forever


One by:  Mary Elizabeth Marlow:  Jumping Mouse                                    Powder (DVD, VHS)


Another Trilogy:  By Daniel Quinn; Ishmael, The Story of B, My Ishmael    Instinct (VHS) from this trilogy


Shirley MacLaine;  Out on a Limb (also on VHS Trilogy)                        Phenomenon (DVD, VHS)


Ayn Rand; The Fountainhead (also on VHS)                        The Last Samurai (DVD, VHS)


Patch Adams, M.D. with Maureen Mylander; GESUNDHEIT! (also on VHS)


The Freedom Writers” with Erin Gruwell   Book & DVD (with Hillary Swank)


Cesar Millan:  “Cesar’s Way”,  “Be A Pack Leader” and “A Member of the Family” –all  good reading showing us how we vent “energies”.


*Abraham: Esther and Jerry Hicks; all of their books, CDs, DVDs


In all of the above books except Ayn Rand, Patch Adams and Mary Elizabeth Marlow; everything that is talked about is possible to do with Creative Energies, I am living proof of that; as I did this:


Feb. 4, 2007:  Gratitude: Before getting out of the driveway, 7 deer ran right in front of me, a good start to my day!   Nakota and I went up to Ola and it was 35 degrees at 8:30.  Walked down the hill and Nakota wanted me to go over the fence, I told him “No” and then was led as to how to go thru the fence easily and did so.  We headed down to the river where I released Pax (surrogate Great Horned owl from Flight to Freedom) and walked the groomed trails of many animals and voila; a wolf had walked into the dense thicket, laid down and died, not longer than 3 weeks ago.  I am always amazed at what I get to do since coming to ID.  I felt very honored to be in its presence.  Then we walked back the long and harder way to the truck and was guided to another rock on the hill side, sat down, called Nakota back to me and stared across the river and up the mountain when I saw a small band of Shoshone Indians that were on a hunting foray.  This is the first time to see this sort of thing, usually I see many kinds of animals, a Indian Camp but this time I saw the warriors running at a slow gate, single file going north away from their camp several miles to the south.  This is what life is all about for me!