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Creative Energy Testimonials

Diana has made a huge difference in my life.  I was really struggling with negative energy and old baggage.  She has helped me empower myself….it’s been and will continue to be a great journey.   I can’t wait for you guys to meet her.   I tell Diana…I’m a living, breathing testimonial!  ~Wanda


“Diana has made a huge difference in my life.  I was really struggling with negative energy and old baggage.  She has helped me empower myself….it’s been and will continue to be a great journey.   I tell Diana…I’m a living, breathing testimonial!”  


“I’m not sure how to express how profoundly “good” I’ve felt since the Reiki session you did on my dog.  The aches and pains in my neck and shoulders have been greatly reduced.  But, more than that…I feel at peace.  I don’t react to things as quickly but step back and think before acting.” 


“She is lucky to know you!  We both are.  You are a powerful healer.”~  Martha


“Thanks for working on Patty.  The house felt great today.  I think that what you have done is already helping.”


“With Creative Energies, Diana can help farmers to get better crop yields; help ranchers to get better percentages for births from their herds; reduce your heating and air-conditioning bills; get better gas mileage, sometimes fix old farm equipment giving them new life! And as always when Diana does her work it becomes a win/win for all involved; because “energy” is everywhere; if it becomes balanced, it produces more effectively!”


“Diana, your “Creative Energies” workshop was beyond my expectations and was instrumental in transforming my views and abilities.  Mostly Diana I feel like I was set free, a freedom analogous to the movie “Hidalgo” “let yer buck!” I strongly encourage those that feel there is something more than the act on stage and are ready to go backstage to experience the essence of the play and meet the writer then you are their teacher.”
~  Chad


“I had no idea what I was missing in my life until I took Diana’s Creative Energies Workshop. After Diana’s seminar, I learned how powerful our mind is and how our body has the ability to heal itself when the techniques you learn are applied. Most of all I learned that everything in life is connected through our intuition and psychic abilities. We never need to look outside of ourselves for the answers. Every answer we need is inside us. Diana’s seminar gives you the tools and techniques to find those answers.”
~ Jeri


“After receiving my First Degree Reiki from Diana Lynn in February, 1997, I felt the need to get in touch and in tune with myself.  She also offered a class called  Creative Energies Workshop that did just that.  In April, along with others we took a 4 day seminar {now a 3 day Workshop} on dealing with ourselves.  At times you cried, at times you laughed, at times you found peace, inner strength long forgotten and then you actually remember who you were before stress, pressure, relationships and society got a hold of you.  As a woman with a family, business, physical disabilities and obligations, I was losing myself and needed to find the strength that I knew was there, just hidden.  In the Creative Energies Workshop I found that strength and courage to face daily living.  I recommend it to anyone that wants to experience what the Universe has to share with you, your inner self.”
~ Rose


  Session for Mango’s owner Carol in Boise, ID

He took a crack at the back of his head just above his ears earlier in his life; part of the reason he is a strong male cat, who will do things his way.He loved the Traditional Reiki and the other healing “modalities” I do that comes with the Animal Communication part. I talked to him about the things you and I talked about on the phone; he doesn’t like other cats (which you already know), but he did like this session.Also Mango knows that those loud machines (vehicles) kill, he is not afraid of anything. Let’s see what my work did for him. Testimony –  Mango is a changed cat after your treatment. He is so much quieter. There was this agitation about him that was beyond restless. I thought he had his demons, but I assumed they were mental. The thought of a blow to the head never occurred to me.  And what a blow that was. You were sure right about that. Man, someone really cracked him across the back of the head. I mean, hard enough to crack bone! They might as well have killed him, for all the damage they did. That hurt for weeks. Maybe it still hurts. Maybe that is the source of anger he feels. . .


How to soothe Julie with her son wanting to go on a hunt?

“Those that have enjoyed their personal “gifts” of knowing beyond what everyday people experience are always looking for other means of deciphering what they are wanting to do or what paths they may be taking through their lives. Her son has heard many things about “hunting” from others and he is interested in what may come from going.  Many indigenous people have hunted animals to keep themselves alive and well; they have all learned the specialness of a hunt and have learned to honor those animals that have been sacrificed to feed the people.  Is this wrong?  No, it is what it is.All animals that are born to this time frame of human population know that they will be killed by other animals as that is the way it has always been.  These same animals know that the 2-leggeds have evolved with hunting these animals as well. They do not see this as right or wrong, it just is.When hunting, animals are the ones holding all the cards; they choose to be killed or not; it is not the human that catches the big prize deer or elk.  Good hunters know much of this as it has been passed down through the generations.He has the chance to see a hunt in all it negativeness (depending on who he goes with) or he will see the beauty of such a hunt through a person that respects the animal that is being hunted and enjoys the tracking and all that encompasses that path. When out hunting it is as much about the area, the sounds, and the movements and of realizing that people are not the only ones hunting; He may come to realize that in the hunt, he can become the hunted! When he utilizes all of his gifts and goes on a hunt, he will learn far more in this venue, than in a schoolroom or structured lessons. Nature is the best teacher for all people, if they would only take the steps to go outside and learn.We believe this will be a good experience for him if he so chooses to do so.  Diana knows the beauty of going out into the wilderness and knows she can always be the hunted. When Diana goes out as an Energy Whisperer, she prepares herself by grounding with her energies, staying in her power and then she walks out with an open mind to stay alert utilizing all the energies that are present to her advantage.  If your son goes out as just another human being, then he is not going forth with his power and what will happen, will happen because he is not being responsible to himself or the wild animals.Many paths here for him to choose from; all he needs to do, is ask his higher self questions and then meditate to receive his answers.”

~We The Many, The One 


This letter is a prelude with the Energy Whisperer session with Julie…

“Diana~I am very grateful for your channeling input and the message…thank you!  It is comforting to me to know that animals choose to be killed or not.When I was a young girl (probably 12 years old), I experienced, what I have always considered a traumatic event…my Dad was shooting rabbits all over the place as we rode down a dirt road in New Mexico.  I was crying and crying, screaming at him to stop. (Still makes me emotional when I remember it).  The thing is, now I can realize it for what it was…teaching me to honor what lies within me and what happens when others don’t have the capability or awareness to do it themselves (my Dad and his actions). I know he felt bad for hurting me, his perspective was different than mine for sure.I appreciate that they have pointed out the value of going within and using one’s own truth…what I have always taught my son to do…though peer pressure has done some influencing about whether he will do so or not in the hunting situation.  I will definitely utilize this information though, to discuss with him and to formulate the importance of what has been said.Love the input about being present to the area, the sounds, the movements, the tracking, hunter vs. hunted, etc…and the preparation of going out into the wilderness.  That will be very helpful as well.The message, as a whole, will support my discussion with Grant and I am thankful!  I will “pay it forward” in some way very soon!What is the cost of your Inner Energy Workshop?  When is it?I love the picture of you I first saw upon entering your new site!  It is very inviting and happy!”

Much Love, Julie 


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