Traditional Reiki

imagesWhat is Traditional Reiki?

Traditional Reiki is translated from Japanese to mean “Universal Life Force.”

A Traditional Reiki healer channels this energy and is the conduit for the energy to flow through the body and out through the hands.  It is a tradition that has been passed down from Traditional Master teacher to student.


Reiki will help you:1010191015reikihandsomm

  •  Relieve daily stress
  •  Experience greater peace and connection with life
  •  Heal yourself and assist others physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by clearing pathways to allow the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way
  • Increase your energy by removing blockages in your energy flow
  • Unlock and release negative emotions
  • Get better gas mileage and save money on your power bills


Why Traditional Reiki?

I learned First Degree Traditional Reiki from Mrs. Takata in New Jersey, 1975.  Mrs. Takata was very traditional as she had learned her Reiki from Dr. Hayashi in Japan during the 30s.  If I was to continue in the ways of Takata I would probably have very few students because she made her students wait 2 years before taking Traditional Reiki II and another possible 3-5 years before getting Third Degree.  Since I waited 20 years before taking Second and Third Degrees, I can understand why she taught that way.  In the 20 years of just doing Traditional Reiki I, I kept getting more powerful and I knew the Traditional Reiki Consciousness was getting stronger as well.  Many people  who

I did Traditional Reiki on wanted me to teach them and I got tired of people asking  so I went on a search for a Reiki Master to teach me Second and Third enabling me to teach!  My search took me to northern CA and the woman I selected had taught many of Takata’s students and was happy to teach me too.

There is beauty and art in learning the traditional Usui Reiki way.  This time-honored energy healing technique is sacred, simple and has been passed down from one Master teacher to another.  Traditional Reiki through the wisdom of the Masters has been assembled into three categories for the purpose of building strength from one upon the other through time and experience.  Each of the traditional levels do require a number of months of practice for preparation to advance to the next level.  There is nothing that Traditional Reiki can’t help in one way or another; to have this so, each person must earn the Traditional Reiki Energy and that can only happen through putting in the time through each of the levels.

When I teach a student, YOU are getting Traditional Reiki directly from the three Masters who made Traditional Reiki what it truly is.  With Second Degree you will have one of the three Masters directly working with you, as a result of learning from me.

My Traditional Reiki sessions (Takata’s teaching) last 90 minutes.  Traditional  Reiki is an alternative healing that is done either hands-on or distantly to help promote healing of everything including broken bones, torn ligaments, bruises, & depression.  I am a conduit for the Traditional Reiki to be channeled through my body to the person  or animal.  My hands can get extremely hot, among various other sensations.  Traditional Reiki was designed to help people and all life forms with all kinds of ailments or to just energize your body’s aura, so that you have really happy stress free days.

If you are interested in receiving a Traditional Reiki session for yourself or your pet, or would like to learn Traditional Reiki I, II, or III please contact me by email,

For more information about Traditional Reiki I, II, and III, visit Traditional Reiki Workshops