Diana Siderides-Pathways to Understanding-Yellowstone National Park-PathwaystoUnderstanding.com-Roadtrekin.comI have been practicing Traditional Reiki for over 37 years and Telepathy (aka Animal Communications) for 45 years.

I attended my first INCREASE (Inner Creative Sensitivity) seminar in 1968.  It opened my awareness and helped me utilize more of my individual power housed inside my body.  For the next 14 years I continued to attend these seminars and expand my understanding and ability to access these powers from within.

I began using Traditional Reiki in 1975 when I was taught by Mrs. Takata, who brought Traditional Reiki from Japan to the U.S. in the 30’s.  I learned to use it on myself, friends, family, and animals (click here to see my video about how I immediately began using it on race horses).  I have used Reiki regularly ever since and became a Reiki Master in 1995.

After many years of requests to teach others the techniques I learned, I began teaching Traditional Reiki and the Inner Energy workshops in 1995.  I realized teaching these classes were my greatest gift for animals and fellow human beings.  Recently, after my receiving further confirmation during my trip to Peru, I am also offering re-teaching of Reiki for those who have not learned Traditional Reiki so people may deepen their understanding and connection to Reiki.

The Creative Energies Workshop is an intense and exciting 3 full days.  During this workshop students learn how to communicate with their animals, human loved ones, as well as those who have crossed over.  Inner Energy will help you to connect with the POWER housed inside yourself.

The Traditional Reiki Workshops will teach (or re-teach) you to heal with the power of Traditional Reiki on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  You will tap into the Universal Life Force energy and become a conduit for healing yourself, others, and animals.

I am a Traditional Reiki Master and I am also available for Traditional Reiki Healing in person or distantly or Animal Communications with living or passed on animals.

Please browse around the website and contact me if you have any questions about my services, classes, or workshops.


Diana Lynn
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Personal Statement

 I love teaching people how to achieve personal enlightenment.

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1970                  Cherry Hill High School West 1970

1973                  State University of New York Morrisville, Horse Husbandry 1973



Past Achievements

1973         Rode my Appaloosa horse from Morrisville to Ventura, CA; 3,400 miles, 5.6 months. Fantastic way to meet the people across USA

1985 – 2006       Founded & operated Flight to Freedom, Rehabilitation Resource for Raptors (501c3), for the purpose of rescuing injured and homeless birds of prey; releasing them back into the wild with a 91% success rate. Also travelled with a non-releasable great horned owl for the purpose of educating children and adults!



Credentials/Seminar Experience


 1968 to 1982                      INCREASE   (Inner Creative Sensitivity) Seminars in Santa Clara, CA              

I attended my very first seminar to open my awareness & utilize more of my individual power that is housed inside my body.  Multiple INCREASE seminars were attended over the years to keep utilizing the powers from within through the perception of my own inner growth.

1975                FIRST DEGREE REIKI    Cherry Hill, New Jersey

I learned the very first level of Reiki from Mrs. Takata who brought Reiki from Japan to the U.S. in the 30s.  She taught all of us how to access the Reiki from its source, to use on ourselves, friends, family and animals.  She taught all of the hand positions and how to Reiki different ailments.

1995               SECOND DEGREE REIKI    Eagle, Idaho

Taught by a Master from northern California.  This Second Level taught me how to Reiki at a Distance and I learned 3 of the 4 Master Symbols.

1995                THIRD DEGREE MASTER LEVEL OF REIKI    Eagle, Idaho

Taught to me by the same Master from northern California.  Here I learned the 4th Master Symbol and how to instruct Reiki to people & children!  This is the most powerful class.  It enables one to read the Reiki from the All Knowing Traditional Reiki Consciousness.

1996 to present  Creative Energies Workshops:  Learn To Connect With Your Intuitive Gifts; Are you ready to achieve a heightened state of awareness and get in touch with your own inner guidance?  If you want to live YOUR limitless potential, Creative Energies will show you the way. This is a 3 day intensive workshop (Fri., Sat., Sun.) Creative Energies reconnects your consciousness, so that you may communicate with people, animals and plants on the subjective levels; it is a workshop about personal growth and awareness through unconditional LOVE.


“What the world needs now is love… ” Burt Bacharach