What is Reiki and what can it do for me?

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What is Reiki and what can it do for me?

All living things have energy just the same as the earth, trees and plants. Reiki energy helps to bring balance to increase crop yields, increases calving birthrates, as well as relieving stress and sickness in people and animals.

I am teaching Traditional Reiki workshops to help people understand the real power of Reiki as it was meant to be taught and used; I am providing those “skills” to people who want to do so much more with the awesome power of the real Reiki as it was taught to Takata who then taught me in 1975 back in New Jersey. I am looking for people who want to increase their awareness in using the gift of Traditional Reiki to bring balance and wellness in their lives using this powerful energy work.

I have 40+ years using and teaching Reiki. My personal experiences and successes have been extensive that also include clearing energy in office buildings, drinking water, and it even works on mechanical equipment to bring better gas mileage, etc. The best part of Reiki is that it brings back joy in your life.    

I LOVE TEACHING WORKSHOP’s here in IDAHO for those people who want to enrich themselves and their families by being able to use Reiki as a healing energy in all aspects of their daily life! Call Diana Lynn and get more info and secure a “seat” in Workshop’s in your future. You will graduate knowing that anything is possible and that is exciting to add to your resource of abilities~   Looking forward to empowering each of you as Takata taught me and I started a whole new Journey of Healing animals, crops and people~


Price: $600; 2 full days, 8 a.m. till 5:30 p.m.    


Thank you,

Diana Lynn               

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In Second Degree, I found the energy of the house and my hands to be so strong it was almost surreal. Diana Lynn, my teacher whom I have known for over a year now, is so full of healing energy and love and REALNESS that it was wonderful just to be in her presence. She has been practicing Traditional Reiki for over 40 years and her  attunement, connection, and understanding of the Traditional Reiki Consciousness is amazing ~